Some of our achievements

Production diversification project, improvement of the microclimate and soil for crops, comfort for grazing livestock, improvement of the landscape. Organic farm in a polyculture dairy farming system (cows, goats, sheep).

In 2015: sowing and cultivation in nursery.

2016: planting of trees from seedlings at the farm or purchased grafted, installed in rows between the plots, installation of individual protection, and installation of the gravity drip irrigation system.

 2017-2021 and beyond: weeding at the foot of the trees, fertilisation, training pruning of tall trunks.

2021-20…: on a case-by-case basis, grafting with hardy and productive varieties, hybridisation with a view to varietal creation in the progeny, collection of grafts for propagation, etc.

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November 2020: Planting plan, ordering plants from various nurserymen, preparing the soil for planting, planting small fruits, fruit trees, setting up an irrigation system, renovation pruning of the old fruit trees already present. Construction of two hen houses and fixed pens as autonomous as possible, purchase of poultry of old and modern breeds.

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